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Food and Wine of Tuscany Italy

Italy, and Tuscany in particular is known for it’s amazing food and wine. With a wide variety of strong traditions, the food is something you will return for time and time again. Fresh produce, pork, beef, olives, and are all Tuscan staples. Meats are simply prepared, but the elegant sauces are truly to die for.

Some famous local dishes include:


A cured ham very thinly sliced and served a variety of ways, often the main ingredient in a sandwich or appetizer.


This corn meal based starch is a Tuscan essential. Served a variety of ways, we are sure this will become a new favorite.

Porcini Mushrooms

These large mushrooms are eaten with all kinds of meat, polenta, risotto, or by itself. With a wonderful flavor, this is a popular addition to any meal in Italy.


The broadest but most popular category. Who doesn’t think of pasta when thinking of Italy? Prepared in a million different ways, pasta in this region of Italy is sure not to disappoint.

Wine is perhaps more important that water to the Italians. Tuscany is known for the Sangiovese, their most excellent grape. Native to Italy, this grape makes for delectable wine enjoyed around the world.  In northern Tuscany in the small town of Lucca, wine – red and white – is the key to life. With Lucca’s economy and traditions depending on it, they take their wine very seriously.  Wine tasting in Italy is surely an experience you won’t forget. In fact, you’ll never want to wine taste in the United States again. It is a grand affair that will change your pallet forever.

The food and wine of Tuscany are world famous. And for good reason. Check it out yourself, and you will see what the world wide buzz is all about!

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