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Food Truck Fleet in NYC

 After Hurricane Sandy left New Yorkers stranded without basic necessities, it was a fleet of food trucks that came to the rescue.

The path of destruction left in the wake of recent Hurricane Sandy in New York City caused a lot of people a lot of problems. Residents were left stranded without the basic necessities of life including water, gas, electricity or food in many cases, and there was no way to go out and get the needed supplies even if you knew where they were. Lacking food, the situation in New York caused many people to wish there was a government fleet of mobile kitchens and food delivery vehicles that could hide out on the high ground during the flooding and then be dispatched to dispense hot meals in the low-lying devastated neighborhoods after the flooding had subsided.

Although those wishes might seem like the stuff of fairy tales, and there is no such fleet of government food delivery vehicles in New York, the idea is not nearly as far-fetched as it might sound at first when you take the government out of the equation because New York City actually does have such a fleet operated by private citizens, and that fleet is called the Food Trucks.

To the surprise (and delight) of many NYC residents, many mobile food trucks got through the storm in working order and then began feeding the people stuck in neighborhoods where no restaurants or grocery stores were open. And much of the food was free of charge thanks to various agencies, individual donors and sponsoring corporations. After the storm, it is estimated that thousands of free meals were dispensed in more than a dozen NYC neighborhoods.

The efforts were coordinated by the New York City Food Truck Association and the corporate sponsor JetBlue. David Weber, president of the New York City Food Truck Association, was quoted saying “Food trucks had the infrastructure to help out, but didn’t have the resources, and at the beginning, some didn’t even have any food, they just ran their generators to enable people to charge their phones. But JetBlue had the resources, and used the trucks’ infrastructure to deliver the meals.”  Other sponsors joined the effort later, and formed an association that started a crowd-sourced financing operation on Indiegogo that raised $27,000 in the city, and several hundred thousand dollars were also been raised for the program nationally. While the food truck fleet may not have been a government rescue operation, it was definitely a relief to many hungry New Yorkers.

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