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Fresh & Easy Pink Slime Swap Meat


Image?Fresh & Easy stakes their claim in only providing the freshest of food products. They remain committed to quality and ensure they have never, and will never use “pink slime” or meat treated with ammonia filler in ground beef.

Pink Slime has been making news in recent months. The media coverage and viral tendencies of the internet have raised awareness and has hopefully ensured every supplier has stopped selling this product pulled it from the shelves and promising it could never be sold again.
In 2012 ABC News reported 70% of ground beef that is sold in our United States supermarkets and retailers contains pink slime. This goes unlabeled, and has the USDA under a lot of heat.  The Washington Post reported that it is responsible for up to 25% of the beef patties contents.  No wonder people are up in arms!

But worry no more, Fresh & Easy is there to the rescue! If you are concerned your meat product from another retailer has pink slime in it, bring it in.  This grocery store chain grinds all their own meat, using always fresh and never frozen beef. They contain no articial colors, flavors, or additives. Fresh & Easy will replace your ground beef with a package of their ground beef, for free!  So bring your meat in, Wednesday, 3/28/2012 between the hours of 8:00am until 10:00pm to swap it out!

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