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Healthy Finger-food Salad

Let’s face it; one of the hardest parts about dieting is keeping the snacking down, especially if you have an office job. Being sedentary all day paired with snacking on fatty chips is a bad combination for weight loss initiatives. However, there is a solution; the healthy finger-food salad. This dressing-less salad is a great replacement for greasy, artificial snacks. 


-Other preferred greens
- 1 Green Bell Pepper
-1 Onion
-Cherry tomatoes (whole)
- Carrots
- Cucumbers
-Fresh ground sea salt and black pepper
-Large mixing bowl with lid
-Several individual serving Tupperware containers


Preparation for this salad is simple. Chop up ALL vegetables and fruits into bit sized pieces (except for the cherry tomatoes, keep these whole. Juices from cut tomatoes can quickly make your salad soggy.) Pour your greens, followed by all of your chopped produce into a large mixing bowl. Top it off with a generous portion of fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground pepper (using fresh ground salt and pepper makes a huge difference as far as flavor is concerned). This salt and pepper not only adds an amazing flavor, but it also helps keep the salad fresh throughout with week. Place the lid on top of the bowl and shake the salad vigorously until it is thoroughly mixed. Place individual servings into separate Tupperware containers. This allows you to easily grab a container and take it to the office each morning, providing a healthy snack throughout the day that also fills your finger food cravings. 

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