Put the following ingredients in a food processor – and mix for 30 seconds to a minute – until smooth." />
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Put the following ingredients in a food processor – and mix for 30 seconds to a minute – until smooth.  Much better than a mixmaster! 

1 brick of light cream cheese

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 can of condensed milk
Take the plastic lid off of a chocolate ready made pie shell – take off paper label and keep the plastic.  (Can use graham wafer pie shells if you prefer, but the chocolate with raspberry is amazing!)
Pour mixed cream cheese mixture into chocolate pie shell.   
Use 1/2 a can of pie filling – raspberry is awesome, but blueberry or cherry are also great!  Spoon the filling onto the top of the cream cheese.  
Reverse the plastic lid that came with the chocolate pie shell so it makes a dome to cover the filling.  
Refrigerate cheesecake until the next day.
I usually make 2 cheesecakes at once because it is so easy – mix them separately as I know I have the right amount for both pie shells this way.  I have a drawer where I keep the makings of a cheesecake (shells, filling, condensed milk), and keep several cream cheese bricks and lemon juice in the fridge all the time.  
Make second pie filling – put it in the shell and use the second half of the pie filling to cover the second cheesecake.
Once I put the plastic lid on the second cheesecake, I carefully put it on top of the first one in the fridge, and carry them stacked if I am taking two to a church pot luck, or to give to someone.   Takes just a few minutes to make enough cheesecake for up to 16!!!   Much prefer this cheesecake to the baked kind.

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