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St. Patrick's Day Food Favorites

?Throwing a St. Patrick Day party and not sure where to start? We are your one stop shop for all things related to St. Patrick’s Day and throwing an awesome party!

St. Patrick’s Day Appetizers

These are fun treats your party guests are sure to love!  And you guessed it, they are green! Some of our favorites include Beer Battered Broccoli, Spinach Pesto Ravs, Emerald colored Hard Boiled Eggs, and Irish Grilled Cheese (which includes parsley, scallion, and chives for color).

Corned Beef
This traditional St. Paddy’s Day meal can be prepared numerous different ways! Whether you prefer your corned beef slow roasted the traditional way, baked, or on top of a gourmet pizza, your options are endless.  Want spice things up? Make our pizza with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and lots of cheese! This new take on a old favorite will have your guests drooling for more!

Irish Soda Bread
Another fan favorite! This easy to make break recipe only takes about 45 minutes to put together and about another 45 minutes to bake!  The currants and orange zest make for a surprising treat!

Green Beer
It would not be St. Patrick’s Day without some (a lot) of green beer! Buy your favorite type of beer, and add a tiny drop of green food coloring to each glass. The festive drink will put the finishing touches on your St. Patrick’s Day party!


Time to decorate! Grab some green streams, cups, and plates from your local party supply store!  Decorating your space head to toe in tacky green décor is key for all St. Patrick’s Day bashes! Green party hats and glasses are also highly encouraged!

You are all set for a successful St. Patrick’s Day party! Stay safe and have fun!

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