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Tips and Tricks for Healthier Holiday Meals

 The holidays are one of the roughest times of the years on our bodies. It is the one time of the year where we allow ourselves to indulge on tasty sweets, fluffy holiday pastries and meals filled with carbs, fat, sugar and everything else that is yummy, delicious, and bad for our weight watching.  
However, with great experimentation, there are a few alternatives and substitutes that can be used in your holiday cooking this year that could help at least a little bit in alleviating our bloating bellies. 

Joy Bauer, a health and nutrition expert, has worked diligently to provide the public with healthier substitutes for the holidays without compromising “yumminess”. 

Below are five great ways to trim off some fat and calories from your favorite holiday dishes as stated by Joy Bauer. 

1. When baking any of your favorite cookies or baked treats, reduce the amount of required sugar by ¼ cup. 
2. Make your holiday treats smaller than normal i.e. make smaller sized cookies.
3. Be cautious when adding mixing goods to your baked items. For example, put less chocolate chips or peanut butter pieces into your cookies. 
4. When making mashed potatoes, use half mashed potatoes and half mashed cauliflower for an exponential decrease in calories. 
5. When using butter, be aware of just how much you are using. If the butter use is becoming overkill, substitute some of it with unsweetened apple sauce or canola oil. Also whipped butter has less saturated fat and calories than normal butter. 

Sources: Holiday Tips 

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